Here’s how to beat anxiety and get those happy chemicals surging around your body just minutes from now. (Please note:This video was inspired by Loretta Graziano Breuning and her fabulous book Habits of a Happy Brain.) How to get your daily dose of happiness every day… First, I have a question for you, how heavy is a glass of water? The absolute weight doesn’t matter it depends on how long[…]

If you want the quickest, easiest way to end anxiety, get calm and back in control again then the graphic below will be a useful, effective tool.     From Visually.   As it’s my birthday today I’d like to give you a gift… Here are some nature photos to calm your body and clear your mind.           And finally…

Finally science catches up with nature. Here’s all the proof you need that outdoor therapy can cure anxiety. A dose of nature: doctors prescribe a day in the park for anxiety. by SHAMARD CHARLES, MD For many patients, like Lauren Huddle, 31, a big dose of Mother Nature is exactly what she needs after a stressful day. “I have pretty bad anxiety and depression,” said Huddle of Bellingham, Washington. “And I[…]

Have you ever felt anxious and had a spate of accidents happen to you for no real reason? I know I have. A little while ago I remember stubbing my toes on a chair or sofa. Ouch. Here’s another one – accidentally cutting my finger while doing some trivial job like moving brochures. Or how about entering a male changing room accidentally when I wasn’t wearing my glasses after taking[…]

The bridges that you cross before you come to them are over rivers that aren’t there. — Gene Brown Have you ever spent more than a minute worrying about something? Does your worrying consume you? If it does, then you don’t know how to worry. Not to worry, in this blog I’ll show you how. I’m going to show you how to wriggle free from the stranglehold of your ugly[…]