Have you ever had a day when you’re all stressed up and nowhere to go? I know I have, far too many times for my liking. And yet somehow, I still found a way through. But it was always tougher than I expected. I knew there had to be an easier way than just feeling sad all day. You have a choice. You can continue being stressed, feeling rubbish and[…]

Here’s how to beat anxiety and get those happy chemicals surging around your body just minutes from now. https://youtu.be/LLed_cjeLtY (Please note:This video was inspired by Loretta Graziano Breuning and her fabulous book Habits of a Happy Brain.) How to get your daily dose of happiness every day… First, I have a question for you, how heavy is a glass of water? The absolute weight doesn’t matter it depends on how long[…]

The bridges that you cross before you come to them are over rivers that aren’t there. — Gene Brown Have you ever spent more than a minute worrying about something? Does your worrying consume you? If it does, then you don’t know how to worry. Not to worry, in this blog I’ll show you how. I’m going to show you how to wriggle free from the stranglehold of your ugly[…]

What is an anxiety antidote? You’ll find a simple, yet easy way to go from stressed to being your best. But first you need to know something about the way your mind works. When your mind is not engaged in anything it will wander. This is what it’s designed to do. When your brain is not engaged in any task, you might think that is resting. But researchers have discovered[…]

If you want to end your anxiety you’re going to need outside help. If you’re like most people you’ve probably tried going it alone an failed – miserably. Don’t worry – help is at hand and it’s here free for you. But first I want to tell you about a story I once read. One rainy day, a man drives out of town to visit and old friend. As he’s[…]