Your Talent Tree

Unique talent

Your Talent Tree

Learn your UNIQUE talent and how BEST to use it. To bring you more health, wealth, happiness, love and peace even FASTER.

Everyone has one.

Do you know what that talent is?

If so, are you using it right now?

And to its fullest potential?

Is there something else that you could be doing…that’s even better

A talent that would best benefit you or others around you

To leave as a skills or wealth legacy to your family, friends, colleagues and even to the world

Perhaps you feel like you are missing something?

Always having a sense of being stressed, stuck, confused or lost

I used to have those feelings

Now it’s different.

I was recently sitting under a tree enjoying a mindful nature moment.

As I sat and gazed up at its branches, brimming with light

Then looking down at its deep roots I gained an inner knowing of my talents.

As I breathed slightly deeper I felt as strong as the tree.

“Majestic” I recall one of my clients telling me after receiving my nature session outside with her.

Suddenly these words came into my head which I wish to share with you…

“We are all stars. We are all here to shine in our own special way. Ask yourself what exactly is your unique gift and talent?

How can your talents glow in the darkness of night. The times when we may feel lost or others around us feel hopeless. How best can you keep yourself brilliant? What can you do to shine your light of happiness radiating far and wide? How can you know and use your talents and gifts with the greatest of empowerment to benefit yourself and others? 

What is the seed that can be planted from which your talent tree can grow?

When you know that you will then know how to best nurture it.

Your talent tree can sprout upwards and outwards. You then reap the harvest of its fruit – health, wealth, happiness, joy, love and above all contentment. A sense of peace.”

So when you next pass a tree look up a while or sit close to it or even underneath it.

Or even gaze at this one here…

You may wish to ask yourself the same questions to help you.

Some people prefer to ask me to help them.

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