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Here's a fascinating story you'll want to read all the way until the end...
I was asked to visit an eighteen-year-old woman by a Psychiatrist as an attempt to avoid her client being sectioned under the Mental Health Act into a mental health unit.
Let’s call her Liz.
For the past six months, Liz had become agoraphobic, suffering from severe depression and panic attacks.
When I arrived a Liz’s house, she opened the door.
As I walked in I saw in the darkness, with just a chink of daylight from the curtain crack, Liz’s world.
I stepped through the piles of unopened bills and letters in her hallway.
Dirty plates, crumpled piles of dirty clothes, a stench of greasy junk food,  sweat and mustiness.
A total disorganised, dirt filled and darkened room.
A cocoon of perceived safety for Liz.
Liz told me to sit down wherever there was a space.
I asked her open a wider curtain in the curtain.
As she allowed sunlight to sneak through I saw how Liz had not washed her face and her hair was bird nest like, tied back.
Pale faced and no makeup. Her eyes bloodshot with dark sleep deprived circles beneath them.
Liz told me she barely washed in the past few weeks.
Was hardly eating or snacking on crisp, cereal or burgers.
She had lost touch with her friends.
Her family had little contact with her as they had “all given up on trying to help her”.
Liz tearfully told me she was at “crisis point” and often wanted to self-harm.
She was taking her prescribed medication, and this was being monitored by her local community mental health team.
After encouraging Liz to join me with drinking a cup of tea, I talked to her about what brought her most joy before she had gotten into this situation.
Liz did not need to tell me any of her past unless she wanted to. I reassured Liz that I was with her to help her live in the NOW and her best future.

I helped Liz to understand and reconnect to her true purpose and passion for being and staying alive.
In just over an hour and only one session with me she connected to “her own true nature”.
Liz knew what she needed to do and how to do it.
This is a small part of what we did.
Liz connected to nature even though initially we were inside her lounge.
Then I took her outside in her garden where everything was so much clearer.

Your own true nature now

Her eyes squinted and she grimaced slightly until she became used to fresh air on her face.
She had forgotten what sunlight felt like on her skin.
She loved smelling the lavender and mint growing wild in one corner of the garden.
We walked around the garden. I showed her how to breathe and take in all around her.
She walked barefoot on the grass.
As she walked along her pebble path across the wild uncut lawn I took her through a relaxed visioneering exercise.

Your own true nature visioneering

I walked besides her, and we walked her through an imagined pathway of time.
I showed her how she could actually feel and be different to where she was now.
At the end of our walk and session, Liz looked at me wide eyed and astonished.
She lit up like a star shining in the darkest night.
She brushed away her tear stained face.
She let down her matted hair and ran her fingers through her hair.
I knew the chrysalis was about to transform into a stunning butterfly.
That same day, I was told by her Mental Health Team, Liz washed and dressed.
Liz did so every day.
Plus, she made sure she ate one meal a day and it was healthier rather before.
The next week she got in touch with a friend and invited her around for a coffee chat.
By that time Liz had cleaned her house with help from family.
The following week, Liz started walking outside to visit her local shop.
The week afterwards Liz ventured further afield and took the local bus.
Within a month, Liz signed up to resume her studying.
Within three months Liz had resumed studying her beauty therapist course and enjoying a fulfilled and happier life again.
Liz’s love of beauty had transformed from beautifying others to also recognising she herself was beautiful, just like nature.

Your own true nature garden

She had reconnected to her true passion and “her own true nature” which starts from within after observing our external environment.
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