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Thank you for choosing this door Your life can and will be different.

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To help you even faster to flip your power switch to “ON”
Here are some ways RIGHT NOW to get you started onto your path of power which are fast and easy.
This lady suffered from depression and delusions.
I showed her and show others how easy it is to be as majestic as a tree, whether they are inside or outside.

Your Powerful Nature

How easy it is to stand tall and breathe.
To connect to your powerful, confident nature, regardless of where you are and what is happening around you.
A person should feel secure in themselves and happy with life, but sadly today this is rarely the case.
Many clients tell me they feel disconnected as if everything happens to them or feel out of control.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
It’s time to become and feel WHOLE again.
To feel connected and regain your control, power and confidence
Let me tell you about Pearl.
She is happy for me to use her first name as it’s relevant to her story.
Pearl is a mature lady who had been admitted to a mental health unit following suffering bereavement of losing her daughter.
She was suffering from depression.
Her carers were unable to encourage her to eat or drink at home. She had become bed-bound and was frightened of falling.
As I sat beside her bed, I spoke to Pearl about her interests.
She told me she used to love gardening and playing tennis when she was younger.
Her favourite flowers and scent were roses.
The next day, I took Pearl a potted rose and placed it by her bedside.
I told her I was too busy to look after the Rose myself therefore asked her to help me care for it.
Day by day I encouraged Pearl to sit up and water the rose.
I encouraged her whilst watering her rose to also take a sip of water or eat a mouthful of food.
She enjoyed smelling her rose strong scent and looking at the bright pink colour.
A few days later I placed the rose by the window to gain added sunlight and help it grow.
I encouraged Pearl to stand for the first time in months.
She took her first cautious steps with her walking frame to walk to her rose and water it.
She was encouraged to do this every day.
Gradually Pearl increased her confidence and strength to walk outside of her room.
She joined in watching television, including tennis matches as well as conversations with others.
Pearl had never tried Tai chi before.
After we spoke, Pearl felt able to join in a few simple Tai Chi moves with others whilst seated in her arm chair.
A few weeks later Pearl and I would often walk outside into the garden.
She liked nature therapy, her mindful relaxation breathing and tending to some potted plants.
I told Pearl about my oldest friend who at that time was 99 years old.
My friend had been writing sentences and stories from her life to share with others.
Pearl liked this idea too.
She started to write her own journal of tips and stories about her life to tell others.
Pearl told me she also liked seashells.

Your own true nature shells

I gave Pearl a seashell to decorate with the words “wisdom” which she had written in gold pen inside the shell.
She kept the shell with her to remind her that her life was worth living.
The shell also reminded her of her newly found confidence.
In the meantime, she kept watering and caring for her potted rose.
Once back at home, Pearl continued with her seated Tai chi at a local group once a week.
It helped her mobility, gave her a sense of purpose and she made new friends.
Pearl continued living a happier life being helped by her carers at home. She started tending to her indoor plants again as well as caring for her rose.
She continued making notes of her life stories to share with others.
Pearl regained her power and continued to refer to her Pearl of Wisdom shell besides her bed.
It reminded her of how far she had come.
Pearl wanted me to share her name and story with others.
To remind everyone that we all have “pearls of wisdom” within us.
I know that everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.
Including me!
Pearl and many of my clients have taught and inspired me as much as I have them.
Apart from over twenty years’ experience, I’ve read over 200 books to help me compile a special resource created especially for you.

Your Powerful Nature Playbook. The playbook is designed to pick a page or go through in order.
There are over 80 pages of easy ways to help boost confidence and inspire you.
So, all that hard work is done for you! I bring you the best ways I use myself as well as with my clients to help you every day.
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One client told me recently after using my book that  
“Within just half an hour of reading and doing what you suggest in it I felt like I had been on a weekend retreat. I feel so much better.”
Not only that, her GP has seen such a difference in her mood and symptoms, she has now stopped taking her stress reducing and sleep enhancing medication.
What can use Your Powerful Nature Playbook for?
Using this playbook will help you to:
  1. Have faster ways to feel healthier, joyful and calmer ~ no matter what
  2. Give you easy ways to feel more confident
Not only that the playbook is an evolving work in progress.
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I plan on adding to this and writing others.
I welcome your feedback and sharing ideas to help others.
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