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Cup of Calm

Here is one example of a client I helped...
Picture this. A lady, in her sixties. Let’s call her Mary for the purpose of my story as I am not permitted to share true names.
She had symptoms of severe anxiety and depression.
The doctors put it down to carer strain.
No surprise.
Because she had been looking after her husband who suffered from dementia for many years.
And, on top of that she was caring for two grandchildren part time in order to help her two children to stay at work.
When I met Mary, she had volunteered to stay in a mental health unit to get some help.
As Mary sat in her armchair looking frail, de-shevelled and withdrawn beyond her years, she told me that she felt “lost” and “had forgotten who she was."
Mary described feeling so overwhelmed by life that she could see no way out of her emotional and physical “prison” even though she still loved her family and husband.
Whilst in hospital her son had taken on the caring role for her husband.
Mary told me she felt as if she lost a further sense of purpose as her son had changed how he cared for her husband.
She felt a resentment for her son even though he was helping and had given up some work to stay at home to care for his father.
She felt guilty about resenting her son.
Whilst we talked, I described ways she could help her overcome and manage these feelings.
NatureShe was sceptical about using any relaxation methods and especially about using Ecotherapy or nature therapy.
She had not been going outside much due to her high anxiety levels.
One day she decided it was best to be open minded and try something new.
She had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
We started by looking at some nature images of favourite places she liked to visit.
She described how those special places made her feel more relaxed.
I introduced her to some basis mindfulness.
I showed her how to breathe easier and slightly deeper.
To release her worries and tensions.
How to use all her senses and slow her racing negative thoughts just how to calm down in moments.
We then took her sessions outside. First whilst sitting down looking at nature.
Gradually we included a mindful walk and other techniques to help her.
She enjoyed her new found freedom from woe and practiced these methods herself every day.
Even just five minutes made all the difference to her.
I watched delighted to see how Mary blossomed into a more joyful flower of life.
She regained a wonderful smile which had been hidden for so many months.
She learned to laugh and have fun again.
Making new friends with others in the it around her.
Helping to cook, garden and create a wellness box of treasures to take home and a photo frame of her favourite flowers.
Even better her family also saw her transformation.
They created a special space for Mary to sit in her garden to use nature therapy to help her continue with her recovery once home.
Like many client stories, I am delighted to share with you that after six weeks,
Mary was well enough to return home.
I was invited to visit her back at home. Mary opened the door to me with a beaming smile, glowing from the inside out.
She said “ come in. I have something special to show you. “
I followed her, amazed at her transformation in face and body.
Walking with more confidence and looking younger than I had ever seen her.
Mary walked me through the house and into her garden.
“ There…” she said and pointed to a corner of the garden.
Tranquil and beautiful apart from a trickling water jug feature.
The corner was surrounded an archway of scented roses and pots of brightly coloured blooms.
Bees gently buzzing.
The breeze rustling the nearby trees.
A wooden bench with floral cushions awaited me.
Mary proudly told me “My family made me this special seat and space for me.
They saw what a difference my nature therapy had made to me.”
Just like her blossoming garden, Mary continued to grow in confidence and calm every day.
She told me that she had joined a carer support group to help her make new friends.
She made sure she had some time for herself each week to re-charge her emotional and physical battery.
She agreed with her son what caring tasks he could continue with and what tasks she was still happy to do.
This meant everyone felt happier and still had a part to play.
She took an outing alone or with a friend once a month.
She had less anxiety and more confidence to feel able to do this.
She got a sense of herself and a life of normality back that she did not have before.
This is what she told me…
“It makes you stop and think.
Everything. I’ve learnt a lot and I am very grateful that there are people like Maria to guide us on this type of therapy.
To appreciate more the sky, the sun, the trees and to be grateful for the birds, animals and flowers.
To appreciate what we have around us.
I will carry this on all when I go home. It has been very worthwhile.
I’ve learnt a lot. I appreciate things more. I have a different attitude towards things. Thank you.”
Happy ChemicalsMary’s story has an even happier ending.
Not only that, whilst I was helping her, some of the nursing staff joined in the nature sessions.
Most of them were also sceptical and had not heard of Ecotherapy before.
They wanted to know more to help their patients.
Little did they realise in doing so they would help themselves or their family as well.
I am pleased to say that after joining Mary and I on one of our mindful “wellness walkabouts” that I like to call them, one
Senior Mental Health Nurse, who I will call Sarah, told me how it had helped her in a very powerful way.
Like many staff in the caring or therapy professions, Sarah told me she too often felt stressed and tense.
She was also having problems sleeping.
After our wellness walkabout Sarah decided to use some of the methods I had shown Mary for herself.
Sarah was surprised to tell me that her stress levels went right down and she had slept well that night.
She laughed and told me that her pet dog seemed more relaxed as she felt more relaxed.
He had stayed with her and not run away chasing everything in sight as he was prone to do!
Not only that Sarah had showed some techniques to her Daughter who was recovering from Cancer (and only in her early thirties having just given birth to her first child).
Sarah was delighted to tell me that her daughter using the same nature therapy and methods I showed Mary and Sarah to help her manage her anxiety.
Because her daughter is calmer, her new baby is also sleeping better and feeling calmer too.
All this calm gained from nature. Just like ripples in the water. Helping many.
Just like Mary and this lady in her thirties suffering from panic attacks and depression who told me…

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