• Do you feel overwhelmed at times?

  • Would you like to end the stress in less than five minutes?

  • Get rid of headaches, tensions or feeling tired?

  • Be able to stay more focused or alert?

  • Do you need time out from your day, work and busy – ness?

If you said YES to any of these questions you’ll find this article useful and timely.

I use mindfulness, nature and other methods to help me every day. I use them with clients, friends and family. I see the benefits and hear what people tell me.

I also know that most people want ways to help them feel healthier, happier, more positive, content and less stressed fast.

So I have combined my own method and tested it with many people. Some of them have had severe mental health issues. You can read more of what they say about my methods under client stories.

I wanted something that could be used by many people, anytime and anywhere. Most people I know drink something at sometime during their day. It made sense to me to use this time spent doing an everyday necessity as a mindful moment.

There is a lot of research about the benefits of mindfulness.

Such as:

It improves our emotional regulation, leading to a better mood and better ability to handle stress (Remmers, Topolinski, & Koole, 2016).

Mindfulness and nature can help most people.

Studies have shown it can especially help people with:

  • Those who suffer from restless legs syndrome (Bablas, Yap, Cunnington, Swieca, & Greenwood, 2016).
  • Parents (Gouveia, Carona, Canavarro, & Moreira, 2016).
  • Healthcare professionals (Burton, Burgess, Dean, Koutsopoulou, & Hugh-Jones, 2017).
  • Veterans with depression and/or PTSD (Felleman, Stewart, Simpson, & Heppner, 2016).
  • Police officers (Bergman, Christopher, & Bowen, 2016).

I have listed other health benefits on my website under FAQ’s and why use nature therapy.

OK –so download the Cup of Calm, use it daily at least once. IT’s FREE!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on? If you like it and most people do then share it with others. Friends, family, work colleagues or school mates.

By the way… a suggested £2 donation is always welcome. Why?

Because 50% of money raised from this campaign will go towards a charitable fund that will be shared out amongst nature themed, mental or physical health related charities at the end of each year.

50% of money raised will be re-invested in my business and the website to develop other nature based products to help people.

Please respect and take note that this campaign and product is designed for individual use and benefit only.

If companies, charities, organisations, food or beverage suppliers or anyone else wants to joint venture with me on a co-brand for this campaign then contact me directly to gain permission to do so.

So join me for Your Cup Of Calm and mindful moment here…

(Thanks to Sladers’ Yard Art Gallery and Café for this inspiring image:

Here’s how to enjoy your mindful moment and Cup Of Calm.

Use all of your senses in a focused way to truly experience what is happening.

This is outside of resting our logical and analytical stressed mind when we may over think what should be happening or what may have happened.

This is a moment for you to be just you without any judgements.

At one point during your day choose your cuppa or glass of refreshment…

Tea, coffee, herbal, water, juice, wine or beer (if you are old enough to have this) or anything else.

Sit somewhere as quiet as possible until you learn how best to blank out distractions around you. After that – sit anywhere you like.

If you have 15 minutes or less then choose the shorter first version.

If you have more than 15 minutes to spare and up to 30 minutes then choose the longer second version.

You may also want to use the added doodle sheet which you can download here to rate your feelings and thoughts.

Or allow any ideas to come to mind. It’s also a great way for problem solving and reflecting on life. 

For you to Stay Calm, Connect and Collaborate with yourself as well as others.

Before and after listening then also take a look at this sunset image. 

So download the short and longer versions here:
(Which also includes a pdf ‘doodle pad.’)