It is a generic name given to a wide range of practices or interventions which aims to improve your mental and physical wellbeing through nature.

Using Ecotherapy we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, from the inside to the outside.

As well as understanding how we best connect to and with our surrounding environment.

It is a union between Ecopsychology and Psychotherapy.

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“Mind – the mental health charity – found that 94% of people commented that green exercise activities benefited their mental health.” This includes stress, anxiety and depression as well as others.

Other benefits researched and reported are:


Improved mood

Less fatigued

Assists people to reduce weight, high blood pressure or diabetes

Improved skills and confidence

Feeling more balanced, connected and nurtured

Improved focus and clarity

Plus, it connects us to one of *Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences which is our naturalistic intelligence which is just as important to us as reading, maths, language, sports or music.

Anyone however I have mostly worked with people aged over 12 years old and even in those in their 90’s!

I use Ecotherapy combined with many other skills to help people who get into high waters of life and tossed around so much. Now they feel bruised, battered, lost, overwhelmed, hopeless or just plain “stuck” without a clear direction.

I calm the sea of their life. Get them to stand up on their feet. Walk with them back to their own command centre. Put them back in control. Then they are on their way towards a purposeful life and ideal destination.

I get people back into the magnetic forces of nature.

This can be from working directly with them whilst outside, asking them to look outside or conduct nature viewing of images such as from the 6 minute nature video.

My services can be accessed from downloadable nature viewing products, Skype or face to face.

I am a guest speaker, run events, workshops and retreats to invite people who want to learn more about how nature can help them gain a calmer body and a clearer mind. To be the BEST they can be.

Often, they say things like…

I feel more positive.

Have a clearer focus of where they are going in life.

Know they can choose to stay more positive and how best to do so .

They are now achieving one daily goal or victory rather than just having a long “to do list.”

Feeling more strongly that they have a sense of purpose in life.

Find that what I have shown them is so easy to do, often takes only a few moments and can be used anywhere.

Feel more able to return to normal life and get back to doing whatever they like to do, meeting friends, enjoying family or work and hobbies.

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A lady, in her fifties, who had suffered sudden bereavement with anxiety, depression and previous self harm undertook my Magical Bridge Ecotherapy exercise and viewing a photograph of a bridge.

We completed the mental exercise walking both inside and outside.

After two sessions she reported feeling that she would “feel calmer within the next month if she worked on the mornings with ways she was shown”

Another woman, in her twenties, suffering from anxiety, thought delusions and depression reported after one session outside that…

“I really liked the tree exercise. I feel more powerful, the roots…like me…feeling majestic. I feel more valued and important. I have had lots of different therapy and this was the most effective”