Maria Morris

Do you have trouble getting to sleep?

Did you know lack of sleep is the number one cause of premature death?
You could either die by having an accident at home, in your car, or at work. The other main risk is suicide. Around fifteen per cent of people who don’t get enough sleep kill themselves.
Sleeping pills, melatonin, alcohol have one thing in common. You feel trapped and rely on these crutches thinking you’re getting good sleep.
Yes, you may be ‘sleeping’ but it’s only shallow and you wake up as tired as you went to bed. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is the only sleep you must have every night, and yet these three deprive you of this essential sleep.
All sleeping pills do is give you the illusion of sleep. Even one night’s lack of sleep can start a downward spiral of depression that’s hard to fight.
The first time you listen to this recording you’ll enjoy deeper, more restful sleep and wake up refreshed.
How Deepasleep works
The ‘Restory’ method uses these three ways to get you sleeping soundly:
1.    Story
2.    Metaphor
3.   Advanced hypnotic linguistic structures
In the background there is special music for brainwave entrainment. This has a natural calming, lullaby effect on your brain.
Tests have shown that those who sleep well do well in life, those that don’t do poorly.
You deserve to sleep normally, naturally, deeply and wake up with a clear head. Able to make better choices, better decisions and think more clearly.
You’ll feel younger when you get a great night’s sleep. Take control try Deepasleep the drug free way guaranteed to help you sleep, rest and wake refreshed.