Are You Anxious and Accident Prone?

Maria Morris Anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious and had a spate of accidents happen to you for no real reason?
I know I have.
A little while ago I remember stubbing my toes on a chair or sofa. Ouch.
Here’s another one – accidentally cutting my finger while doing some trivial job like moving brochures.
Or how about entering a male changing room accidentally when I wasn’t wearing my glasses after taking a Jacuzzi in a spa hotel. I quickly apologised and made my exit.
Maybe it’s because of the colour of my hair. (Blonde.)
Is it luck or is it mindset?

Or both?
Anyway, I changed my luck (or mindset) after discovering what the word “serendipity” meant.
Back in the day there were three princes of Serendip (Now Sri-Lanka), who kept making happy, unexpected discoveries by accident.
So, the term serendipity was coined in 1754 by Horace Walpole.
If you’ve ever found a convenient parking spot just when you needed it, that’s serendipity.
Or you were trying to decide between two things and you see a slogan on a lorry with a word that represents which one you should choose, that’s serendipity.
Such as when I met Clive…twice in the same coffee shop on two consecutive days whilst I was waiting for a work colleagues and friend.
Both times my colleagues or friends did not show up for various reasons.
Clive and I got talking.
Both times he had been on his way elsewhere and decided to divert to the same coffee shop. We ended up becoming friendly plus sharing our vision of Your Own True Nature as a result. Without him and his skills plus talents, there wouldn’t be a website, blog, copy, marketing or his amazing nature photographs and videos that you can see and benefit from.
That’s the power of serendipity.
Incidentally, the famous psychologist Carl Jung came up with the word synchronicity to explain the same thing.
Essentially, it means events connected by meaning need not have a causal effect.
Just like an accident.
How would you like more happy accidents in your life?
You know, things just turning out your way for no apparent reason. Suddenly your life changes from unhappy accidents – like I used to get – to happy accidents that make you smile, feel joyful and upbeat.
How to be (happy) accident prone.
I believe it’s partly luck and partly mindset.
No one can make luck happen but they can have more happy accidents by having a great mindset. If you know how to put yourself into an optimistic state you’re more than half-way there.
You also need to feel good more than you feel bad.
It’s okay to feel bad occasionally. But not all the time.
Emotions come and go. Let the bad ones go and the good ones stay longer.
That’s the easy part.
Calm body_clearmind

5 easy ways to calm your body and clear your mind

Because I’ve created a framework for being accident prone in a happy way every day. I’ve put it in a short guide for you called “Calm Body – Clear Mind.”
The idea is you use any or all the ideas I have for you to keep you calm and clear headed. That way, you’re much more likely to have happy accidents more often and be less anxious.
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