The Anxiety Antidote

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What is an anxiety antidote? You’ll find a simple, yet easy way to go from stressed to being your best.

But first you need to know something about the way your mind works.
When your mind is not engaged in anything it will wander. This is what it’s designed to do. When your brain is not engaged in any task, you might think that is resting.
But researchers have discovered that this is not true. When your brain thinks it has some “down time” it goes into a mode of mind wandering.
This is what happens when your mind wanders.

It goes looking for problems and tries to create a sense of self. In other words, it’s creating a sense of self and projecting that into the future and saying something like this to itself:
what problems might be coming up that I had to deal with soon? What might go wrong?
How do I need to prepare?
Or it could project that sense of self into the past. It could ask questions like:
What did I do wrong? What would I do better next time? What can I learn from this situation?
This projecting itself into the past or future is the brain protecting itself from danger. It looks at situations that went bad and tries to come up with ways to avoid them in the future.
The amazing thing about knowing of this default mode is that the you now become aware and you don’t have to judge yourself. Thus the anxiety antidote.
You see, when you begin to judge yourself, the chances are your thoughts aren’t pretty.
If you were to talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself you wouldn’t have a best friend any more.
The truth is, most people are not kind to themselves.
They don’t say anything encouraging when they talk to themselves. They think their thoughts are private, yet when you look at their face you can tell in an instant if they like themselves or not.

The anxiety antidote or how to have beautiful thoughts.

Have you ever tried to meditate?
If you haven’t you’re in for a surprise treat.
When you first start to meditate your mind will begin to wonder because it thinks it now has this valuable down time. So, it uses this time to protect itself in the future.

I call this your “default mode network.”

All of us are wired to think this way when were not focused on anything in particular. You look for problems to solve, you reflect on the past and your mind creates scenarios based on the judgement it makes about itself.
If you are always getting lost in thought, it’s because your mind is in downtime and it takes the time to look for problems and try to find solutions.
I want you to know that mind wandering is a natural part of the way your brain works. And if you get help from the right person, this mind wandering can be the best thing that ever happens to you.
However, try going it alone your mind wandering can create horrific scenes in the theatre of your mind.
I’m sure you know what I mean. You imagine the worst. You see things in your past that went horribly wrong. You project something awful may happen in the future.
I know because I used to do just that. All that did for me is push up my stress scale up to 300!
Your ugly thoughts cause anxiety, stress, overwhelm and a feeling of being stuck, unable to do anything about your situation.

Putting on the fog lights.

If you’ve heard the term “brain fog” this is what it’s like. You can’t see further than your thoughts.
Some recent research has shown that most people spend half of their time in this mind wandering mode. And the main problem with this is that you tend to confuse your negative thoughts about yourself with reality.
And as soon as that happens you’re threat defence system gets switched on.
Then you start to judge and attack yourself.
As you can see your mind is spending half of its time engaged in daydreaming about problems and is constantly making mountains out of molehills.
Maybe it’s time to flick on the fog lights so you can see a clear path to a brighter future and create for yourself an anxiety antidote.
Recent meditation research has shown that mindfulness meditation allows the default mode network to become quiet over time. To say it another way, when you are focused on a certain type of mine for meditation your mind is engaged and therefore not scattered or spaced out.

Why mindfulness is the direct perception of reality.

You’re aware of what’s happening right now in the moment. This is a pre-verbal way of staying in touch with reality and not zoning out into mindless chatter that is negative in nature.
You are probably not aware of the fact that your thoughts are not the same thing as awareness of reality itself. Your internal voice distracts you from what’s going on around you.
When you think about it, your thought is a symbol for something else.
When you were a baby and you were unable to talk you would point at the things you wanted so that your mother would understand you.
Over time this developed into simple language. But your words are symbols for the things you want. For example, the word water means you want a drink of water.
You can’t taste, smell, or drink the word “water.” You can’t drink the thought “water.” So, the thought or the word is not the water it’s just a symbol for the water.
If you moved your right foot that is an experience of your right foot moving. You’re not thinking about moving your right foot you’re moving it.
This is what mindfulness does, it drops through the layer of thought into actual reality.
Now that I’ve mentioned mindfulness, I need to show you how to be mindless. Being mindless is simple. Let your mind do what it likes when it likes without you being aware of what it’s doing.
This can and does lead you into thinking anxious thoughts.
Negative thoughts cling to your mind like Velcro. While positive thoughts are like Teflon – they slip through your mind so fast you hardly notice them.
Can you reverse this?
I think so.
And it’s easy, quick and effective.
If you’ve had enough of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious I have a gift for you.
think of it as another anxiety antidote.
An anxiety antidote

An anxiety antidote

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It’s not a “one size fits all” approach.
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