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Here’s how to calm your mind

If you want to end your anxiety you’re going to need outside help. If you’re like most people you’ve probably tried going it alone an failed – miserably. Don’t worry – help is at hand and it’s here free for you.
But first I want to tell you about a story I once read.
One rainy day, a man drives out of town to visit and old friend. As he’s driving down a country lane he sees a hitchhiker thumbing a lift.
The driver doesn’t usually pick up strangers, but for some reason he changed his mind.
Once inside the car the hitch hiker pulls a gun. He robs the driver and puts him in the boot of the car. Leaving him locked in with no way to escape.
Two weeks later at his funeral his oldest son made an unusual request to his mother and brother.
“I know this sounds weird, but could you lock me in the boot of Dad’s car?”
They both looked at him like he had grown another head.
“What?” they both said simultaneously.
“I loved my dad as I know you both loved him and I wanted to feel what it was like in the last moments of his life.”
Reluctantly they agreed.
When they got back home the eldest son jumped into the boot then his brother shut the lid.
The first thing that he experienced in the boot was the darkness. Then the thought that he could hardly move. He twisted his body around and could see a small ray of light above and to the right of him.
He frantically felt around for something, anything that could prise open the lid. He found a torch. Then using that small light, he found a screwdriver.
Within seconds he was jamming the screwdriver into the lid.
Next, he stuck his middle finger trough the small hole. The edges of the metal cutting through his finger.
That hurts.
Now he was desperate.
He contorted his hand one way then another way.
No luck.
He heard a voice.
“Move your finger an inch more to the right.” Yelled his brother.
With that he used all his strength grasped for the button and released the lid and was free.
Most of the people I meet try to go it alone. You may be one of those.
Always struggling, always fighting, and always getting stuck in dramas you could do without.
The truth is – at one time or another – we all need help.
Sometimes we don’t want to admit it because it makes us feel needy or weak.
But why wait until your desperate to ask for help?
The guy who picked up the hitchhiker would still be alive if he had someone on the outside motivating him to keep going just a little further.

How to end your anxiety.

You think thoughts in the “theatre of your mind” all day long. Yet, you never watch those thoughts, so they go by unnoticed by your conscious mind.
Left alone without outside help your mind is “allowed” to think anything it wants. So it does.
Most of the time most people think ugly thoughts.
Those ugly thoughts are making you anxious, worried, and stressed. But I’m willing to bet you that you are blaming your anxiety, worry and stress on someone or something else.
I know, because that’s what I used to do.
Don’t get me wrong when I say I wasn’t always a strong, powerful woman able to get patients with severe mental problems out of hospital and back home functioning normally again.
In fact, I used to be what I call a wreck.
I don’t know if you’ve heard of the using Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. I’ll give you an example or two of how it works. It “measures” how stressed you are. If your score is 150 it means you have a 50% chance of being ill.
However, my score came back as 300, which meant I had a 90% chance of having an emotional meltdown.
And I may even end up in a mental hospital.
My nightmare roller coaster ride began when I discovered my husband of 17 years was having an affair.
Soon after getting divorced I found out my ex-husband screwed me over for £20,000. My trusted business partner done me out of another £15,000.
And on top of all that my wonderful Dad got cancer and died a year later. He just turned 66.
The following week my beautiful cat also died of cancer.
There I was alone, broke, desperately sad and didn’t know what to do with all these ugly thoughts running through my head.
I needed to know how bad it was and how it was all affecting my health.
The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale was my wake-up call.
I knew at 300 I was in over my head. I was stuck, overwhelmed and had no idea what to do next.
I believe everything happens for a reason. And it’s no accident that you’re reading this.
If you are having ugly thoughts and want to end your anxiety, then we were meant to connect.
I’m not going to pretend it was easy for me because it wasn’t.
It’s been a long, hard road back to being confident, strong and empowered.
And yes, I had help along the way. Lots of help.
Without the help of my close friends and mentors I doubt I would have made it this far. I’m still a work in progress, but the point is, I’m making progress every day.
I still have help. I know I couldn’t do without the suggestions and advice from the people closest to me.
They are the reason I’m able to be an inspiration to the mental patients I used to work with every week.
I’m not saying I’m a one woman show. I was a part of a team of professionals who have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of men and woman all wanted what you do, and that is to end your anxiety quickly, safely and without having to rely on any type of medication.
But the one powerful element I bring to these patients having someone on the outside looking out for them. To tell them when to try just a little bit longer and not give up when it all seems lost.
That there is a way to get back to having beautiful thoughts and seeing a new and different view of life, enjoying yourself, having fun and finding meaning.
Because I’ve been doing this for 28 years I’ve honed my skills where I can make the biggest difference in the smallest time. I know first-hand what it’s like to feel unworthy, unwanted and unfulfilled.
You’re not alone anymore. I can help you end your anxiety today.
And I’m going to help you at my expense not yours.
I’m going to give you my quick fix to end your anxiety and negative thinking patterns.
it will take you five minutes to read and then you’ll feel freedom from your anxiety.
I know what it’s like to feel agitated and frazzled. You can’t think straight and you have no hope.

It’s yours free

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