“If you wish your life was a lot easier, I have news for you. . .”

It’s simply not fair.

Some people don’t have chronic stress, looming deadlines and constant never-ending time demands.

They seem to have it all together. Have time for themselves. Living life on their terms.

Other people aren’t so lucky.

They struggle to get through the day.

Feel exhausted most of the time.

Are always stressed.

If this is you then you have a choice…

You can resign yourself to a life of feeling burdened, over committed, with little or no “me” time.

Or you can take a small, reasonable amount of risk and say no to things you don’t want to do, have ever increasing amounts of energy as well as taking back control of your life.

When was the last time you felt light-hearted? When was the last time you felt serene and calm in any situation?

Just imagine having the time to yourself to do the things that make you feel fulfilled…

Instead of being inundated, drained most of the time and having that fazed feeling during your day you can have a life free of stress no matter what is happening around you.

Instead of just putting up with the way things are and dread getting up in the mornings you can look forward to days of undisturbed calm with moments of spontaneous happiness happening more frequently.

According to Mental Health.org one in 8 people living in Britain feel tired all the time.

And ‘Yougov’ report that in 2022 – 74% say they feel stressed all the time.

That’s not surprising with all that’s been going on these last two years.

Believe it or not women have around 50% higher stress levels than men.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Maria Morris

My name is Maria Morris I will introduce myself properly in a moment.

I help people go from feeling stressed to be their BEST.

I started my career as an Occupational Therapist. I have over thirty years’ experience working with men and women who suffer every day with feeling burdened and overwhelmed.

For the past 10 years I’ve been advancing Eco or Nature Therapy to more effective levels.

Some describe this as a union between the ideas of ecopsychology and psychotherapy.  

It has been portrayed by experts as the next BIG thing in therapy and a step up from conventional Psychotherapy. 

Fundamental to ecotherapy is our connection to the natural world and the environment we live within.  

Ecotherapy uses a range of practices in order to help us connect with nature and ultimately with our ‘inner’ nature.  

Personal distress can be alleviated by developing the mutual connection between inside and outside. Ecotherapy is about personal healing and healing for the earth 

In Washington, D.C., Robert Zarr, a paediatrician, writes prescriptions for parks.

He pulls out a prescription pad and scribbles instructions—which park his obese or diabetic or anxious or depressed patient should visit, on which days, and for how long—just as though he were prescribing medication. 

He is not the only one. Mental health experts, therapists and medics worldwide are now recognising its value.

What are the benefits? 

Instantly improves your mood 

Eases anxiety, stress and depression

Less fatigue 

Reduces weight 

Lowers blood pressure  

Improve skills and confidence 

Feel balanced, connected and nurtured  

Improves focus and clarity 

Research backs this up…

Mind – the mental health charity, found that 94% of people commented that green exercise (including Ecotherapy) activities benefited their mental health.  

A 2007 study from the University of Essex in the U.K., for example, found that a walk in the country reduces depression in 71% of people. GP’s are now adding nature walks into their prescriptions.

Earlier I said I would introduce myself properly.

I’m a ‘Naturepreneur’ and Founder of Your Own True Nature:

Working for over twenty years in both physical and mental health settings. 

Often with the most challenging or complex needs. 

Like  people with chronic pain, severe trauma, fatigue, cancer or muscular issues. 

Or suffering from PTSD, depression, anger, anxiety or even attempted to end their lives. Aged from 11 -102 years old. With individuals, companies, and Government. 

Including the Royal household and the Ministry of Defence.

Let show you some ways I help myself and my clients to disappear stress from both in body and mind.  

Here’s what people tell me:

One client suffering from depression recently told me “I never had a session like this before. I feel 150% better.” Or” I feel like I have been hugged from the inside out”  

Following a radio interview about Ecotherapy and provision of online sessions:  

“ Working with Maria is my go-to solution whenever anyone in my family is struggling to cope with life or exam stress or anything at all.  She has a way of clarifying and calming down all your troubles by the end of a session. I highly recommend her.”   

Geeta Sidhu-Robb ~ CEO and Founder of Nosh De-Tox 

After 2 hours stop stress workshop and ecotherapy with wellness walkabout, 100% care home staff reported on a Personal Profile of Mood Scale that at least one factor of anxiety, stress or tension had reduced and at least one factor of energy levels or relaxation had increased.  

Bridport Mindfest for Mental Health workshop and wellness walkabout…

“workshop was excellent and highly successful”,

“Upbeat and calm – a great combo! Lots of tips and ideas. Very practical.” 

 ”Maria was great-I learned to connect with others and nature. Very interactive and professional.

Following Picnic in the Park wellness walkabouts in Dorchester, Dorset.

“I have participated in a couple of Maria’s sessions now. They have been a real reminder of just how wonderful nature is at helping to restore a sense of calm. She has provided some great tips for managing stress that are easy to fit into a busy day. I will definitely be visiting my favourite tree in the park soon!”  

Emma Scott – Treasurer with the Women’s Action Network Dorset (WAND).  

No doubt you’ve heard of mindfulness and walking.

But this is different.

It’s called “Nature – Connectedness.”

Utilising the link between nature and your health.

Battle tested in injured military people and acute mental health crisis.

Being in nature has now been proven to work for those with stress, etc. However, I’ve taken it to new dimensions by immersing their 5 senses and adding in their 6th “intuitive” sense.

Anyone from the age of 11 upwards can easily enjoy this.

It takes just 6 minutes before you begin feeling the benefits.

And the longer you stay in nature the deeper these benefits go. It works whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

I show you how to work with your inner doctor to help heal you from the inside out and the outside in.

My Nature – Connectedness sessions take anywhere between 60 – 120 minutes. After that you’re able to do this yourself in just 6 minutes.

Each session in custom designed to fit you.

You’ll enjoy taking part in the process.

Other options are time-consuming. They involve raking up your past and you feel bad again.

And no one really wants to make themselves feel bad intentionally.

The way I show you means you have a calm body and a clear mind and using nature even if you cannot get outside.  

The main benefits are…

Lower blood pressure. Throw away that monitor, you won’t need it anymore.

More resilience to illness. Make seeing your doctor a once a year thing.

More energy to enjoy life. Puts the fun back into your days.

Sleep deeper. The better you sleep the better your life becomes.

Pain-free. In most cases nature eases pain by immersing your senses.

Eliminates stress.

Calm body – Clear mind.

If any of what I’ve said here resonates with you use the contact form below.

You’ve nothing to lose and a whole new way of life to gain.