Wellness Walkabout

“Did you know that just 6 minutes in nature gives you health benefits lasting a week? 

People say after my session that they feel 150% better.” 

Join Maria Morris -Naturepreneur and Founder of Your Own True Nature for a  Wellness Walkabout and afterwards a  Cup Of Calm. 

“It’s so much more than a mindful walk in nature.

Many organisations like Wildlife Trust, The National Trust and Stepping Into Nature are promoting guided walking outside due to its immense physical and mental wellness benefits.

You may have heard of The Natural Health Service which is a Natural England project with support from the Department of Health which is based on the principle that contact with the natural environment, has quantifiable health benefits. 

If you feel tired, overwhelmed, like life is a drudge or feel as if your life is drifting along without a rudder to steer your own ship then this is for you.

Maria Morris – Naturepreneur and Founder of Your Own True Nature.

“The whole workshop was excellent and highly successful”

 ”Your own true nature was great-I learned to connect with others and nature. I will be going outside to blow bubbles. Very interactive and professional.” 

You will find out how to breathe away stress, ease away pains, feel more energised and have more focus and clarity. We will use all your senses to enjoy nature.  

Maria Morris Cup of Calm

“My methods are a combination of mindfulness, eco or nature therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Therapy, Sensory Therapy and Visoneering or using your inner wisdom to connect to your best future you.” 

You will gain skills and emotional resilience tools that you can use anytime and anywhere regardless of whether you are inside or outside.

The tools you will learn and the nature experience will carry you through most crisis and many client then share these tools with friends or family to help them too.

They are everlasting!

We can even have a wellness walkabout when you are walking outside and I am on the phone with you, or face to face or via Zoom whilst we bring nature to you when inside.   

“It makes you stop and think. To appreciate more the sky, sun, trees and to be grateful for the birds, animals and flowers. To appreciate what we have all around us. It’s been very worthwhile. I’ve learnt a lot. I have a different attitude to things. I will carry this on when I go home.”


“Lots of tips and ideas, very positive, shifted my mindset informative, lots to take away” 

Bridport Mental Wellbeing Mindfest: Daily DOSE of Happiness Workshop and Wellness Walkabout.

Your Powerful Nature

“I have participated in a couple of Maria’s sessions now. They have been a real reminder of just how wonderful nature is at helping to restore a sense of calm.

She has provided some great tips for managing stress that are easy to fit into a busy day.

I will definitely be visiting my favourite tree in the park soon!”

Emma Scott – Treasurer with the Women’s Action Network Dorset (WAND).

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